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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How many cups is enough?

The time has come to take care of a few "housekeeping" items. Since this blog is still in the development stage, updates and changes are happening at a fairly rapid pace. Over time, hopefully I'll find a design and layout that I'm comfortable with, and the majority of changes will then come in the form of new posts.
To start with, please take note of the "Tea Time Tunes" that now resides at the top of the page. I love music and believe that there is a song for every moment in life. These are just a few that I think go very well with a relaxing cup of tea, so enjoy a listen!
Also notice, over in the left-hand column, that you now have the option to subscribe to the blog and receive a notification every time its updated.
I'd also like to take some time for a little clarification of the tea room review scoring system. Each tea room is scored 1-5 "cups" (points) individually on food, service, cleanliness, tea selection, tea quality, atmosphere, staff knowledge, and the variety of tea services available (IE: cream tea, dessert tea, afternoon tea, royal tea, or high tea). The scores from each category are then added together and averaged, resulting in the overall "cup" rating. So, a tea room that scores four or five cups overall is worth another visit by me.
How many cups is enough for you?

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