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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Madeline's Tea Room - Palestine, T.X.

Before I begin this review, I would like to say a special thanks to my husband, who is so generous in being my partner in tea room exploration, even if a particular location may not be his "cup of tea". His manners are well enough that I can be seen with him in public, and he makes me laugh when he licks the spread off of his crackers or slurps his soup when he thinks no one is paying attention. :-)

Madeline's Tea Room
Corner of 287 South and FM 2419
Palestine, TX

Madeline's Tea Room is located about a mile or two headed out of town, so you're probably not likely to just happen upon it if you were visiting this area. But, with the help of my handy-dandy GPS, we found it without a problem. As we got out of the car, I smiled as I took in the exterior of the building, which had a very welcoming country cottage appearance accented with beautiful flower beds and white fencing and latticework.
As we walked across the porch and in through the screen door, I began to wonder if we had come at the wrong time. There was no one to be seen inside (well, there was only one other car in the parking lot), and the place was dark. Reservations were not required, so we were arriving unannounced, but I checked the sign again, and they were open according to their schedule. We stood in the doorway for a moment looking around. At last, a cheery voice from the back welcomed us in, and we were seated by the proprietor who went about explaining to us that Saturdays were usually very show days when she gets a head start on her baking - as she hastily plugged in and turned on the lights and music.
A quick glance around the room reveals a heavy floral and pastel Country/Victorian decor that is geared more towards a feminine taste. It was at once elegant and cozy, which is a nice combination. The tables are covered with solid pastel tablecloths which are again topped with smaller lace cloths. Each table holds a small candle "lamp", a fairy figurine, a sweet little bouquet of flowers, a glass containing Sweet 'N Low packets, and is already set with your silver and napkin.
After we were seated, our hostess asked us what tea we would like, and then proceeded to list the three options they had for that day. I was a little confused by this. They have nine different teas listed on their menu: three decaf, three black (two of which are variations of Earl Grey), and three green. But, I just ordered the decaf Apricot and didn't ask. After our iced tea arrived, suddenly the limited selection made sense to me. After perusing the tea menu, my husband ordered the chicken crepes lunch plate, and I ordered the La-Tea-Da afternoon tea, which, in addition to the standard finger sandwiches, scones, savories and sweets, comes with a small cup of the soup of the day. Our hostess noted that the La-Tea-Da would take a little longer to prepare, but that was not a problem since we were in no hurry.
The food was presented beautifully. My three tier set-up was topped with ivy and a beautiful bow, and each plate was garnished with fresh fruit. A particularly nice touch was the devonshire cream served in the tiny pink tea cup and the lemon curd in the little martini glass. When our hostess brought the food to our table, I giggled on the inside when she asked me if I knew what a scone was. On the subject of scones, these were not my favorite at all. They were more of the texture of a roll than a scone, and not particularly flavorful. With that said, however, the rest of the food was wonderful, and Madeline's does live up to it's slogan "Best Chicken Salad in Town". The potato soup had caraway seeds in it, which is a new take on potato soup for me, but I liked it so much, I think I'll have to try it the next time I make potato soup. I was not able to finish all of the food, but I did at least get to taste everything. Oh, and I did get around to ordering a pot of hot Mango tea which, much to my relief, came with a sugar bowl on request. I just can not take Sweet 'N Low.

*A side note: I did make a trip to the ladies room during our visit - which was very clean - and was surprised to find a sigh over the toilet paper that read, "Please do not put paper in pot." Right next to this sign was another that read, "Please put paper in trash can." I was a bit shocked by this and thought, "Surely they mean paper towels or something like that," but since the sign was over the toilet paper roll, and I feared what might happen if the toilet stopped up, I followed the directions. Ewww.*

We were the only patrons at Madeline's Tea Room during our time there, which puzzled me a little. Palestine is a very small town, and since the goal of our two hour road trip was to go exploring in a town we had never been to before, I do not anticipate a return trip in the near future. However, if you are ever in that area, a stop over at Madeline's Tea Room will offer you some very nice food. Just wait to use the restroom elsewhere.

I give this tea room:

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  1. I'm glad you enjoyed the tea room, since you had traveled so far. I am always disappointed when the scones are not good, since I like them so much, but it sounds like the rest of the food was enjoyable. Thanks for the review.


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