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Monday, April 13, 2009

A Cup of Big Apple Tea

At the end of last weekend, I received a call from a dear friend whom I had not spoken to in a few months. I was very glad to hear her voice, but she was on a mission and had called with one very specific and important question:

"Do you remember what street Alice's Tea Cup is on?"

Back in 2004, while we were both in school studying theatre, we had the bright idea to do go and explore New York City's theatre world for about a month as an independent study. Our professor loved the idea, so off we went. Since both of us like tea (she, too, is a youthful Tea Time subscriber!), part of our explorations led us to Alice's Tea Cup.
This is one of my absolute favorite tea rooms. As the name suggests, everything in the restaurant centers around the theme of the mad tea party in "Alice in Wonderland". The tables are a mismatched collection of dark wood pieces. I use the term "tables" loosley because one of them is actually an old converted sewing table, complete with a foot pedal. The china is also a hodge podge of different patterns and shapes. The walls are painted with bright colors, and are also adorned with photographs of real people posed in scenes depicting the mad tea party. The words from the book make up a border that travles all around the restaurant. TeaMuse.com put it best by saying, "The d├ęcor welcomes females and males of all ages, as it's neither frilly nor consciously upscale...Haley and Lauren have provided a center for enjoying tea and friends without pretension."
They serve breakfast, lunch, a variety of tea options, and dinner. The scones are to die for. They are, hands down, the best scones I have ever had, and I have yet figure out how to replicate them in my own kitchen. They have an extensive menu of well over 100 teas, all of which you can purchase from their gift shop area to take home with you.

Once my friend and I discovered Alice's Tea Cup, we made a second visit before returning home. I was so excited to learn that she had made it back to New York this past week and had some time to catch the train to Alice's for a cup. Once I looked up the address for her, I was also excited to discover that, not only has Alice's has branched out and now has three locations across NYC, but they have also made available franchising opportunities. I must say, my mind reeled with thoughts of opening my very own Alice's Tea Cup here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area.

Like I said, this is one of my absolute favorite tea rooms. I have been back to NYC twice since then, and made a point to have tea at Alice's both times. Since I haven't visited since 2005, I don't think it's fair to do an official review, but be on the look out for one as soon as I make my next trip up north. For now, I'll just say that if you're in New York City, it's definitely worth stopping by. And if you happen to visit one of the newer locations, I'd love to hear about it.

Alice's Tea Cup Chapter 1
102 West 73rd Street
New York, New York 10023


Alice's Tea Cup Chapter 2
156 East 64th Street

Alice's Tea Cup Chapter 3
220 East 81st Street


  1. I've heard good things from other folks who have had the chance to visit. I must get there some day!

  2. These tea rooms do look very unique and colorful. Alices's Tea Cup locations seem to have a lot to offer besides afternoon tea and would be a nice franchise opportunity. ;=)

  3. I've just found your blog today, and I've enjoyed reading through some of your older posts. Alice's sounds fan-tab! I wish I would transport myself to NY for the afternoon. I'm also a "youthful" Tea Time subscriber! I get all giddy when it comes in the mail and can't wait to get dinner out of the way so I can make a big cup and curl up on the couch to read it cover to cover! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Trying out tearooms--how wonderful! Have you found a good one in DC? We're giving away some English tea, drop in at http://aprodigaltourist.blogspot.com/2009/05/many-prodigal-returns-to-you.html

  5. Wish one day I have a chance to visit this tea shop.

  6. Wow. Chapter 1. I'd love to visit this tea shop when I'm in New York. It sounds like a real getaway from the dirty bustle of the city. Just a total fantasyland. I love the story of Alice's Adventure. I know I'd feel at home there. --Jason

  7. That sounds awesome! Makes me want to open up a tea shop with the same mixed and matched look. It certainly works for tea and tea fans.


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